About Us

About NAV3D

NAV3D is the first company in Egypt in 3D reality scanning field. We invite you to experience the virtual tour inside the place, Whatever it is a real estate property, a hotel, an industrial facility, a tourist shrine, etc., through the 3D model as if you were roaming around it.

 We create 3D realistic tours of quality to allow all customers to make their decisions through their tablets or smartphones.

 Before buying a property or booking a hotel or even visiting a historic place, you only need to review the 3D model created by NAV3D experts, then the full details of the place will be in your hands. Also if you want to document your exceptional interior design after the execution, our solution provide perfect digital documentation tool for it. 


Our Vision:

To be the first who introduce the 3D reality scanning solutions in Egypt leading the market to a new era of digital marketing. 

Our Mission:

Provide the highest accuracy of virtual tours anytime and anywhere to be in your hands with a button click to save time and effort.

Our Values:

With more than 13 years of experience in the Surveying technology field, we believe that our, scanning know-how background and experience can add a beautiful interactive interface to our customers marketing platform.


Quality of work, speed of performance, accuracy of details is our commitment to all customers