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About Us



NAV3D was founded in June 2018 with the ambition of creating beautiful and useful digital and virtual 3D spaces. Our company secured partnerships with major VR & AR technology leaders in the United States and Europe to bring the most advanced 3D technology to Egypt and re-invent the virtual tours field. NAV3D is the only company in the Middle East and Africa to have 5 models published online officially in the mother company website in the US. And 5 published reports about our achievements and technological advancements. Our projects reached more than 2 million visits so far, and we are just getting started.

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Our founder

Ahmed Attia, started from an ambitious senior surveying engineer with 16
years of experience successfully reaching the level of a VR/AR expert.
He is a technology enthusiast who traveled the world searching for new
technologies and studying the latest technology development and
implementation methods.
After graduation in 2005 and spending his time learning and researching,
Ahmed Attia founded NAV3D in 2018 to produce his own 3D models and
virtual tours. And to enhance the Egyptian market with the latest
technology and the most advanced visual and imagery tools in the world.
I want to document every location digitally, and to focus the minds of new generations
on the benefits and uses of technology instead of only video games” -Ahmed Attia

Meet The Team

Walaa Abdel Moneim

Technical Manager

Mayar Gaber

Multimedia designer

Mohamed Yehia

Finance Control

Our mission

To make Egypt the most beautiful and advanced country in all fields and
to document all the locations in Egypt in a digital 3D environment. And to
present the usefulness of technology to the new generations and teach the
younger minds how to create, build, and interact.

Our Vision

We aim to be the Number 1 3D digitization, Virtual Reality, and Augmented
Reality company in the entire region in terms of quality, projects, and

Our Goal

To become the regional home of virtual tours, 3D scanning, and 3D
digitization. And to implement all the Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality
and Visualization services into one hub, NAV3D.

2.5 M