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NAV3D is the First-ever

3D Digital Twin Creator in Egypt

Our company focuses on creating an identical 3D digital
representation of any location with 4K quality.

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NAV3D was founded in June 2018 with the ambition of creating beautiful and useful digital and virtual 3D spaces. Our company secured partnerships with major VR & AR technology leaders in the United States and Europe to bring the most advanced 3D technology to Egypt and re-invent the virtual tours field. NAV3D is the only company in the Middle East and Africa to have 5 models published online officially in the mother company website in the US. And 5 published reports about our achievements and technological advancements. Our projects reached more than 2 million visits so far, and we are just getting started.

3D Digital Twin

The most accurate, advanced, and highest fidelity 3D representation of any location or object. All produced by bleeding edge technology systems and top of the line imagery equipment. Also, a Dollhouse view pictures for any building, interior, or office space can be generated easily from the space digital twin.Check Example

Virtual Reality Tours (3D VR)

Showcase any location and create a fully customizable virtual reality tour for
your clients using our advanced technology solutions. you can also add
interactive elements such as text pop-ups or voice guides to your tour.
Enhance your client’s experience and display all your info inside the VR tour.Check Example

Augmented Reality (AR)

Create a brand-new interactive experience for your visitors. From your
virtual tour model created for space, a full Augmented Reality experience can
be created allowing your visitors to walk through a location, having a chat
conversation with a Virtual GuideBot.Check Example

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